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Nicole Gigante-Jaeggi

Benvenuti da Torta Nicoletta!
My real name is actually Nicole but my friends in school have always called me Nicoletta. This is why I chose this name for my small business. I am married with 2 children. My husband is originally from Italy, which is why I have a very close relationship to the Italian language. I have always loved to bake cakes, especially during Christmas time I enjoy baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Though it was only after I baked my first theme cake for my daughter’s birthday in 2013, the baking bug, caught a hold on me and still can’t let go. Designing, decorating, and baking cakes became my greatest passion that I wouldn’t like to miss a single day. I’ve devoured every book that I’ve found on cake design in no time. I was awake night after night reading every online article and tutorial that I found on cake design, and went straight into implementing these ideas. This is how I have stacked up my photo gallery cake by cake, with hopefully many more to come. There are no limits set to designing cakes and cupcakes, and there’s always something new to learn. With every cake I learn a trick or technique that I can apply on my next design. This creative work and the bright faces of the people receiving the cakes as presents makes baking cakes the best job in the world.

Thank you for your interest in my passion.
Nicole Gigante-Jaeggi

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